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Reiki Master

Healing Touch


Energy Balancing


Feet, Hands, and Facial Reflexology, Energy Balancing

Reflexology is the Scientific art of manually applying pressure to specific points on the body, (face, feet and hands)  The reflex points correspond to major glands and organs of your body This pressure sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM to adjust the tension levels.

Stress – Our  bodies need to de-stress, relax and restore, from the daily pressure of  our busy lives.  85% of all diseases are stress related.  Reflexology generates deep tranquil relaxation, by activating the healing powers of the body.

Pain/ Pre & Post Operative Care- A tense body tends to feel more pain. Reflexology assists both physically and mentally, aiding in recovery process.

Oncology- Reflexology is highly beneficial in alleviating adverse side effects of Chemotherapy.

Palliative Care- Reflexology /Energy Work can provide some level of comfort, draining pain from body.

Other Benefits may include:
Improved Circulation, Headache Relief, Blood Pressure Improvement, Better Sleep, Improved Digestion, opening of the Nasal Cavities

About Kathy

Kathy became a Reiki Master, in Virginia Beach at Casey /Reilly School of Massotherapy, in 2007. She also completed her Reflexology training there, and received her National Board Certification in 2008.

Recently relocated from Asheville, North Carolina, she is looking forward to sharing balancing and relaxation with the Charlottesville area.

Flexible scheduling available.

My clients say...

Reiki Master

Energy is channeled from my hands into the clients body, using a variety of Reiki symbols.   The energy is pulled through according to the need of the client.  During the session energy channels are opened and cleared. Reiki is very relaxing and leaves you with a feeling of peace and well-being.

Healing Touch

This is an Energy based therapeutic approach to health and healing. It uses non-invasive touch in the energy field that surrounds the body and energy centers (Chakras). A variety of hand techniques move and balance your energy.  This places the client in a condition to self heal.

Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing is the process of gently removing imbalances & blockages from the energy field (the Aura). When the body’s energy is balanced, the whole body, mind and spirit works more efficiently allowing self healing, which is our goal.


90 minute session$ 75.00

Cash, Check, or Zelle.

Session includes:  Energetic Body Scan, Feet, Hands and Face Reflexology, Balancing of Energy Centers, combination of Reiki & Healing Touch.

I use a Heated Massage Table, with Heated Booties, while you listen to relaxing music.  Each individual’s comfort level is always maintained.

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